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Scantlebury Enterprises locate beautiful gardens and premises, plus unusual and innovative venues to showcase mixed collections of artists' works.

"Lendon Scantlebury is passionate about art, an experienced and very successful agent, and fast becoming the king of introduction.  Renowned for being the catalyst when artists and collectors engage, and often considered the 'best man' for marrying the seller and buyer."

The art world is a sensual playground; a fertile home for creative juices, and everybody should flirt with it.  You never know, if you have an eye for the chance, you just might be the first to discover 'the one' that will be on the lips of every art lover in years to come.  

Our next exhibition will open at Lambourn RDA - Maddle Farm on Saturday 3 December and will run for just two days until Sunday 4 December. We are open both days from 11am - 7pm. See our events page for more details

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